Building a Talent Pipeline

Community++ (CPP) is a program that teaches algebraic thinking, computer programming and app development to prepare community members for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) related careers.

We provide services that teach students and the community at large the skills needed to write computer programs (code). We also show educators how to write code so that they too may teach basic programming. We provide teachers with a framework to integrate coding into nearly any classroom.

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For Educators

In years past, teachers used overhead projectors, film strips and even tape players to suplement the classroom experience. Today, computers power multimedia enhanced learning. We help teachers increase classroom rigor and improve relevance by empowering them to use and teach modern technology. Community++ trains educators by providing a practical set of computer programming skills. Designed for the novice, our course builds coding skills and shows teachers how to use our simple but effective toolkit to integrate coding into thier curriculum.

The chart below outlines some of the activity we show teachers how to implement.

Subject Activity
Social Studies Interactive Timeline - Students illustrate how critical decisions effect history.
Language Arts Branching Stories - Students script a story with multiple outcomes based on the reader's input.
Math Coding Word Problems - Students create algorithms that solve mathematical word problems.
Science Simulators - Students build apps that demonstrate scientific principles, i.e.: creating a gravity visualization from scratch.
Art Abstract Art Generators - Students create algorithms to produces stunning images.
Foreign Language Web Flashcard - Students build a flashcard game to help them learn new vocabulary words.

For Students and the Community

We teach people how to code using Javascript and our HelgaJS toolkit. Participants learn the basics of coding by building a simple but fun text-based adventure game. Javascript is the language of the web browser and arguably available on more devices that just about any other programming language. It's ubiquity makes it the perfect choice for teaching people new to coding.

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