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Javascript is arguably the world's most popular programming language and just about everyone loves games. We created a fun way to learn how to code by putting the two together. The HelgaJS game engine was designed as an open-source toolkit to help people new to coding develop their skills by building a text-based adventure game.

The HelgaJS game engine gets its name from the demo game The Legend of Helga. This game was created to showcase the capabilities of the game engine and inspire people to create their own daring Javascript adventure.

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We have developed curricula and training materials to support teaching Javascript using HelgaJS and so much more. In a matter of a few sessions you can learn to integrate coding into your classroom - no programming experience required. Our specially designed materials are tailored to help beginners feel comfortable writing code.

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Old Meets New

Text-based adventure games have a classic appeal. While they have been around for decades, they have resurfaced for devices like smart watches that are perfect for games that require only reading and simple interactions. We decided to teach people how to code by building a text-base game to keep the focus on writing real code to build their own app from scratch. HelgaJS keeps the focus purely on logic and game design. This approach allows people to build a game after only a few hours of hands-on study.

The Technology

Using HelgaJS requires only a text editor and a web browser (an internet connection is only needed to download the source files once). Its intential barebones design helps remove many obstacles that prevent people from coding. Powered mostly by imagination, the HelgaJS game engine provides a fun and simple way to access the lucrative world of coding.

  The HelgaJS game engine is open-source and hosted on Github, fork it today!